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Interior Contracting Peoria IL

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Interior Contracting Peoria IL

Interior Contracting Peoria IL

Expanding Your Business? Consider Interior Contracting in Peoria IL

As your company continues to grow, so too must the facilities you work out of. And whether you’re looking to expand on your current structure or looking to build a new one from the ground up, interior contracting is an integral part of that process. Thus, you should call Mid-Illinois Companies for interior contracting in Peoria IL.

Since 1970, Mid-Illinois Companies has made a name as one of the go-to contractors for Central Illinois businesses. With a focus on quality, dependability and community, we work to provide you with the best service possible.

What We Do as an Interior Contractor

Much of the work we do for interior contracting in Peoria IL provides you with the space your business needs to run at peak efficiency.

  • Interior Framing: It starts with creating frames for new walls, thus creating new rooms. We can also advise you on which walls to knock down and what will be the safest and most efficient way to expand the space you already possess for your facilities.
  • Wall Installation: Once frames have been installed, and your building’s structural integrity has been secured, we will finish your walls with your choice of drywall or plastering. Drywall is quick, easy and affordable when installing. Plastering costs a bit more and takes a little longer to install but provides more strength and resistance for your walls.
  • General Interior Contracting: Our team employs subcontractors perfect for improving and expanding on the systems in place for your building. For example, we cover electrical, plumbing, fire protection, floor-covering and HVAC glazing. Our team of contracting experts ensures connections are secure and equipment is running as it should.

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Whatever renovations you might require, Mid-Illinois Companies is ready to provide them. In addition to the interior contracting in Peoria IL we offer, our services include:

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Start expanding your business with the help of interior contracting in Peoria IL from Mid-Illinois Companies. Call us today at 309-674-0717 to request a proposal. Also, our Peoria office is located at 905 NE Adams St, Peoria, IL 61603.