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Air Weather Barriers

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Air Weather Barriers

Air Weather Barriers

Protection from the Elements

There are many reasons why air weather barriers are important. In any construction project, protecting the building from the elements must be given top priority. To ensure that the structure and anyone living or working there will be protected from invasive elements, you need to:

  • Choose the correct type of insulation
  • Procure the necessary materials
  • And install them properly.

On the other hand, incorrect materials, insulation, or installation at the
wrong time will compromise the building’s integrity. This is both dangerous and will require costly repairs in the future.

The revolutionary technology of fluid barriers works with insulation to further protect your building from harsh weather elements, and that’s why Mid-Illinois Companies is an expert installer!

Uses of Fluid Air Weather Barriers

Fluid barriers are relatively new to the construction industry. They came into use in the latter half of the 20th century, and come in three types:

  • Vapor barriers
  • Air weather barriers
  • And water-resistive barriers.

All three, as their names suggest, protect the interior of a building from certain weather elements and maintain its structural integrity.

Changes to building codes have mandated that these must be applied to the outside of a building’s frame, rather than inside the insulation. This change keeps air and moisture from collecting between the fluid barriers and the insulation.

These barriers also offer versatile protection from the elements, as they can be applied below grade level as well as on the roof of a structure.

Questions You Must Have

While fluid air weather barriers serve a variety of functions, many things must be taken into consideration when using them:

  • Should a permeable fluid-applied material be used, or a non-permeable sheet material?
  • Is the building in a location where these are needed?
  • What’s the lowest temperature they can be applied?

These, plus any safety questions, must be considered when installing fluid air weather barriers on a construction project.

Contact Mid-Illinois Companies Today!

Mid-Illinois Companies is a leading construction contractor. We have been using fluid air weather barriers on construction projects for almost as long as they’ve been in use. Our contractors take the utmost care to install these correctly and safely on every project.

We strive to maintain both the safety of everyone involved during a construction project and after the project is finished. For more information about using fluid barriers on a construction project, or for one of our other areas of expertise, contact us today!

We at Mid-Illinois Companies don’t just specialize in installing air weather barriers. We also offer a full line of services.

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