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Plastering Contractor

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Plastering Contractor

Plastering Contractor

Plastering Contractor

Unlike drywall that can go directly on the studs quickly with just a few screws, plaster takes several layers of labor intensive application. A plastering contractor will help make sure that the job is done properly and done quickly.

What is Plaster

Plaster is a building material that has been used around the world from
ancient Egypt to ancient Rome. It’s a cement-like mixture that used to
have a lime base, but modern plaster uses gypsum. The plastering
contractor first has to install lath (wood strips or plasterboard) on to the frame. This helps give the wet plaster something to stick to.

Once the plaster compound is mixed to the proper consistency, it can be applied in several layers to an interior or exterior wall.

Pros of Plaster

There are several pros to using plaster rather than drywall to cover your walls:

  • Looks: Plaster can give you a nice textured finish that many people prefer to the smooth surface of dry wall.
  • Safety: The gypsum that makes up part of the plaster compound offers some fire resistance.
  • Moldable: Unlike drywall, which comes in large rigid sheets, plaster can be molded into different shapes. This makes it an excellent choice for round or irregularly shaped walls.
  • Thickness: Because of the many layers and lath, plaster walls tend to be thicker than drywall, which means they can offer better insulation and a sound barrier.

Cons of Plaster

While there are many pros to using plaster, it does come with its own set of challenges:

  • Cost: Because of the many layers and precise application that plaster requires, it can cost much more than the simpler process of installing drywall.
  • Time: Having to wait for each layer to dry means that it takes much more time to apply plaster.
  • Sensitive: While plaster is generally very strong and durable, it can crack due to settling of a new building or improper insulation.

A good plastering contractor can help minimize or get rid of most of these cons. At Mid-Illinois Companies, we hire only the best to make sure that the plastering process is done right and done as quickly as possible to help keep costs down.

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