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Plastering Contractor Bloomington IL

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Plastering Contractor Bloomington IL

Plastering Contractor Bloomington IL

Hire a Plastering Contractor for Bloomington IL for Your Commercial Construction

While drywall has grown in popularity since its introduction, there are still incredible merits to the use of plaster. Most contractors will agree that plastering still has a place in the construction industry and is necessary for many commercial building projects. And if looking for a plastering contractor for Bloomington IL, yourself, you can count on the experienced team at Mid-Illinois Companies.

Why Pick Plastering?

There are benefits to plastered walls that drywall cannot match. And when contractors are looking for a wall material that’s strong, safe and aesthetically pleasing, they turn to plaster.

  • Strength – If plaster is mixed and applied correctly, its strength can well surpass that of drywall. During application, as water escapes the plaster mixture, a chemical reaction occurs that strengthens it exponentially. As such, plastered walls can take a beating more than drywall. Additionally, plaster is more resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures and water damage.
  • Safety – Speaking of resistance, water isn’t the only thing plaster is strong against. When it comes to fire, plastered walls can make the difference between life or death. The material used in plaster is more flame retardant than drywall, ensuring fire spreads more slowly. Also, the lack of space between the wall (unlike drywall) provides less oxygen to fuel a fire.
  • Aesthetics – With drywall, you’re left with few options for customization other than paint or wallpaper. However, the same can’t be said for plaster. An experienced plastering contractor for Bloomington IL can use molds and designs while applying plaster to your walls. As plaster goes on wet and hardens when it dries, it allows for incredible versatility during the application stage.
Plastering Contractor Bloomington IL
Plastering Contractor working in Bloomington IL

Commercial Contracting Experts

Besides plastering, your next commercial construction project needs additional contracting services to be successful. Thankfully, Mid-Illinois Companies offers additional general contracting to help build or update your business. Our services include:

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Looking for a wall material more durable and reliable than drywall? Plastered walls are the way to go! Get in touch with the best plastering contractor for Bloomington IL, Mid-Illinois Companies. To learn more or request a proposal, contact us today at 309-674-0717. Also, we are located at 905 NE Adams St, Peoria, IL 61603.