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Interior Framing

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Interior Framing

Interior Framing

Interior Framing

Although interior framing may seem like a basic job that even a novice carpenter can handle, the truth is that there is a lot to consider when planning the interior of your space. It takes precision framing for your interior to look great, meet the needs of your space, and support your structure properly.

Importance of Proper Framing

Whether you’re adding a room to an existing space or planning a new
construction, you need to make sure you’re using the right materials,
such as large-enough headers on load barring walls. Otherwise, your building might not be structurally sound.

It also takes precise craftsmanship to make sure that your walls look and work right. If they’re not framed properly you can have wavy walls that don’t look good. You can also have rooms that aren’t square. This means you could run into problems with some of your other measurements.

That’s why Mid-Illinois Companies only uses the best carpenters for your framing job. All of our contractors and laborers are highly skilled. They receive training through apprenticeships or classes through local unions or trade groups. And they’ll help figure out what type of construction is right for you.

Light Frame Construction

Light frame construction is the most common kind of interior framing. It is the most economical type of framing, because it normally uses standard dimensional lumber such as 2 by 4’s. Light frame construction is perfect for the average home, small commercial spaces, or other structures that don’t require extra heavy loads or other special requirements such as steel frames.

Heavy Frame Construction

Heavy frame construction is more commonly used in commercial spaces. This type of interior framing uses strong steel frames and is perfect for multilevel office spaces, manufacturing facilities, and other large construction jobs.

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