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Plastering Contractor Peoria, IL

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Plastering Contractor in Peoria, IL

Plastering Contractor Peoria, IL

At Mid-Illinois Companies, we’ve been in business long enough to know this industry is always changing for the better. Today, we have the benefit of new building regulations, increased safety awareness, and unique services. To grow with these changes, we’ve begun offering plastering services. As the most qualified plastering contractor in Peoria, IL, Mid-Illinois Companies has earned its reputation for getting the job done right!

Professional Plastering

The proper application of plaster, unlike that of drywall, may involve
several layers and intense labor. Only a professional with years of
industry experience should handle the task. Mid-Illinois Companies’ plastering contractor in Peoria, IL can complete the job correctly and efficiently.

First, our technicians will install lath to the frame, which is made of wood strips or plasterboard. The wet plaster can easily adhere to this type of surface. Once we mix the plaster to the correct consistency, we apply several layers to the exterior or interior walls. Plaster is especially versatile, and can go on either wall.

Benefits of Plastering

You can choose to forego plastering entirely, and opt for drywall instead. However, you should know the benefits of plastering before you make this decision. Plaster offers a perfect textured finish that most people seek in their building. Drywall, on the other hand, is smooth – it has no character.

Furthermore, plaster is completely safe, and the material (gypsum) even offers some fire resistance. Finally, the material is moldable; this means that an experienced plastering contractor in Peoria, IL can shape the material into various shapes. This is perfect for round or oddly shaped walls on your structure.

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If you have any questions whether plastering is right for your structure, contact Mid-Illinois Companies by calling (309) 674-0717. We’re happy to discuss your current structural needs and offer any help we can!