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Air Weather Barriers Springfield IL

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Air Weather Barriers Springfield IL

Air Weather Barriers Springfield IL

Stay up to Code with Air Weather Barriers

Recently, more advancements in the construction process created more efficient and complex air weather barriers Springfield IL needs for their own projects. Contractors here at Mid-Illinois Companies have the experience and training to install them correctly. First things first:

What are air weather barriers?

There are several kinds of barriers. Each type provides a certain kind of protection against air and the damage that air causes to a building’s materials. Therefore, air weather barriers control the heat flow, air flow and moisture to the building. As a result, barriers protect structural beams, walls and windows from damage.

The air barrier system is the boundary that separates indoor air and outdoor air. In addition to protection against the elements, it is one of the first layers of energy efficiency. Because of this, an air weather barrier requires accurate installation.

What are fluid air weather barriers?

Technological advancements created a new form of barrier that is more efficient and effective. However, these barriers need to be installed properly by trained professionals. Thankfully, our teams at Mid-Illinois Companies are experts! We install:

  • Vapor barriers
  • All-weather barriers
  • Water resistant barriers

Each type of air weather barrier Springfield IL may utilize presents certain opportunities and challenges. When you use the professionals at Mid-Illinois Companies, you know it is installed correctly and on schedule.

Benefits of Air Weather Barriers

There are many benefits to installing the best kind of air weather barriers on your structure but here are the top three:

  • Cost Savings
  • Air weather barriers reduce both the initial cost and the ongoing utilities of the HVAC system. Specifically, they are the primary defense for a building against the environment and temperature change.

  • Durability
  • These systems protect the structural integrity of the building by preventing air and moisture transfer. Moisture means mold and costly repairs down the road.

  • Comfort
  • Achieve a more consistent temperature throughout the house or unit with air weather barriers. Drafts are the number one way to make guests or occupants uncomfortable in a property. Protect the reputation of a building with this behind-the-scenes improvement.

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Finally, learn more about air weather barriers in Springfield IL, contact our office through our online proposal portal. Similarly, give us a call at 217-685-5486or stop by our office at 1700 E. Clear Lake, Springfield, IL 62703