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Drywall Contractor Springfield IL

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Drywall Contractor Springfield IL

Drywall Contractor Springfield IL

Looking for a Top Commercial Drywall Contractor in Springfield IL?

Your company has come to the right place for the best results from a top commercial drywall contractor in Springfield IL. Call Mid-Illinois Companies contractors at our Springfield office now at 217-685-5486 for a free estimate on your drywall project.

With drywall installation or drywall repair projects, you need a reputable contractor with a proven track record of delivering quality work. Mid-Illinois Companies has served as a top drywall contractor in Sangamon County IL and surrounding areas in Central Illinois since 1970. Our team is certified with all the essential training and qualifications necessary to work legally and safely on your commercial construction project. Plus, you can always count on our contractors for professionalism, efficiency, and accuracy at every work site.

As a long-established commercial construction company in Springfield IL, we have cultivated relationships with several top subcontractors and vendors. They supply us with the best construction materials and equipment to complete your project on time and on budget. In addition, Mid-Illinois Companies pledges to provide you with an exemplary customer service experience. So, message us now to request a free job proposal.

What Can I Expect from My Drywall Contractor?

We understand that you want more information so you can set your expectations for services provided by our commercial drywall contractor in Springfield IL. Rest assured, we work hard to make the project affordable and as minimally intrusive to your business operations as possible. With that in mind, here is the type of work you can expect from Mid-Illinois Companies for our drywall contracting services:

  • Taping – Our contractor tapes all the gaps between sheets of drywall to ensure smooth surfaces for painting or finishing. That way, your project will be completed without noticeable defects such as visible lines between drywall sheets.
  • Finishing – We mud and sand the drywall after it is applied. As a result, your walls or ceilings get a smooth appearance. However, we can provide added texture of compelling visuals with optional effects including:
    • Orange Peel – This effect adds texture to hide ceiling or wall imperfections, resembling the skin of an orange.
    • Skip Trowel – This effect provides random valleys and ridges on the drywall to add depth and dimension to walls or ceilings.
    • Slap Brush – This effect creates a texture like a sunburst or fan-like design created by fanning out the bristles of a brush.
    • Knockdown – This effect is achieved by watering down the joint compound. It forms stalactites as it dries. Then, we use a trowel to knock off the stalactites to create an intentional mottled design on the ceiling or wall surface.
Drywall Contractor Springfield IL

Searching for Other Specialty Commercial Construction Services?

Mid-Illinois Companies can offer you much more than services as a drywall contractor in Springfield IL. In fact, we provide everything from complete construction management services to specialized contracting. Here is a look at our available commercial construction services:

Trying to Find Estimates from a Drywall Contractor?

Mid-Illinois Companies can provide you with a free job proposal if your company needs services from a top drywall contractor in Springfield IL. Our contractors offer some of the most recommended drywall contracting services throughout Central Illinois, including Bloomington IL, Peoria Il, and surrounding communities. Call our commercial drywall specialists at 217-685-5486 or use our online contact form to request a free quote.