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Plastering Contractor Springfield IL

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Plastering Contractor Springfield IL

Plastering Contractor Springfield IL

The Lead Plastering Contractor Springfield IL Relies On

With so many businesses opting to use drywall, plastering is becoming less and less common. However, that doesn’t mean a plastered wall doesn’t still have its benefits. And for the plastering contractor Springfield IL locals know to get the job done right, count on Mid-Illinois Companies.

At Mid-Illinois Companies, we pride ourselves for being the best commercial contractors in all Central Illinois. We are safety-driven and focused on quality craftsmanship in every job we do. Once a small construction company founded in 1970, we have grown to provide our contracting services for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Why Choose Plastering?

Nowadays, many businesses are built using drywall. While we will admit there are plenty of advantages to drywall (and will be the first ones to help you install it), there are still just as many benefits to using plastering instead.

  • Sound Barrier – The sheer amount of plastering used creates a layer of thickness that beats any drywall. As such, plaster walls provide better soundproofing than their drywall counterparts.
  • Fire Resistant – A key component used in the creation of plaster is water. Consequentially, plaster wall has better fire-resistant qualities than drywall.
  • Moldable – Both drywall and plaster wall can fit any desired shape for building design. However, plaster is easier to mold, as it starts off as a liquid, and can better work for curved walls.
  • Strong – In relation to the thickness of the plaster wall, it also is much stronger than drywall. This strength can help benefit the overall structural integrity of a building.

Expansive Commercial Contracting

When you choose Mid-Illinois Companies as your plastering contractor in Springfield IL, you can use us for a variety of other contracting services. Each of our projects is backed by a quality guarantee. You can also see samples of the work we’ve done around the Central Illinois area. For example, our services include:

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Contact Us Today

If interested in how we serve you as the best plastering contractor Springfield IL offers, give our office a call. You can contact Mid-Illinois Companies at (309) 674-0717. Also, we are located at 1700 E. Clear Lake, Springfield, IL 62703.