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Painting Contractor Peoria IL

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Painting Contractor Peoria IL

Painting Contractor Peoria IL

Top Commercial Painting Contractor in Peoria IL

Mid-Illinois Companies can help if your business wants a fresh new look from a top commercial painting contractor in Peoria IL. A commercial paint project offers you the unique opportunity to immediately improve the appearance of your building. Also, paint projects can work for tight budgets and offer many different benefits.

In addition to general upkeep, a paint job can make a subtle but powerful effect on your marketing efforts. You can generate new interest from customers by making your store, restaurant, housing complex, or office space more inviting. Plus, your company can influence customer perception of your brand using a new color scheme.

Our privately owned company specializes in all facets of building construction. Whether you need new construction, remodeling, or restoration work, we can help. Since 1970, we have exceeded customer expectations with quality workmanship and performance. Our reputation has allowed us to grow into the leading commercial construction contractor in Central Illinois.

Contact us today to request a free quote for your painting project. Give us a call now at 309-674-0717 to discuss any unique specifications you need or get more information about us.

Rebrand or Symbolize Change with New Paint

As your business grows, you may redesign your website, update your logo, create new signage, or print new menus. For a total rebrand, you may need to add new colors to your logo’s color scheme or change the color palette of your company altogether. You can make a bold statement to your customers during the rebrand or change in direction for your company with new paint.

An accent wall with a matching color scheme to your logo can create a unique visual. It will make your space stand out from the usual off-white colors you typically find in commercial buildings. As a result, your office can become more vibrant. Thus, you can immerse visitors in your brand when they enter your space. If you want to symbolize change to your customers, get the help you need from Mid-Illinois Companies, a top painting contractor in Peoria IL.

Increase Foot Traffic

Think about when you go shopping. What sort of businesses attract your attention? Research shows that you are more likely to visit and engage with companies with a well-kept and modern appearance more so than ones that appear run down. If your business survives on walk-up foot traffic, your space needs an appealing exterior that will invite customers to come inside.

A fresh coat of interior paint also encourages customers to make longer visits to your business. After all, we all spend more time in areas where we feel welcome and comfortable. A fresh, clean color scheme on your walls will make your business more inviting. For more ideas on how to attract customers with a bold new look, ask Mid-Illinois Companies, a top painting contractor in Peoria IL.

Painting Contractor Peoria IL

Improve Your Workspace

Your team spends a lot of time at the office. Commercial interior painting benefits employees as much as it helps with customers. An attractive, comfortable environment makes a lasting impact employee satisfaction with their workplace. Studies show that employees who are satisfied with their work atmosphere are 18% more likely to stay with their current employer. The study also states that employees are 16% more productive. With help from a top painting contractor in Peoria IL, you can keep your team comfortable and ready to do their best work.

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Count on Mid-Illinois Companies, a top painting contractor in Peoria IL, to help you attract, retain, and welcome customers and employees at your business. For a modest investment, a few fresh coats of paints can bring a significant return to your bottom line. Contact us now to receive a free quote. For more information about our company, please give us a call at 309-674-0717. In addition to commercial painting, we also provide plastering, air weather barriers, drywall, fireproofing, general contracting, and interior framing services.